Status - is the 16-bytes piece of information which CIMEL routinely transmits. Status consists of the "Identificator" byte, and status data as Temperature, Battery Voltage, and different system codes. During normal operation Statuses precede all sequences of measurements or scenarios performed by the instrument in the Auto Mode. The ID byte then identifies the scenario. When abnormal conditions occur, the Status has the troubleshooting information. The ID byte the identifies the nature of trouble.

All statuses can be seen on the report page as "sta*" , where "*" is the ID byte. Please refer to the below tables to determine the meaning of ID bytes.

SUN Direct sun measurement
SKYSky radiance measurement
ALMAlmucantar sequence
PPPrincipal plane sequence
PPPPolar Principal plane sequence
BLACKDark current measurement

Normal Condition StatusCIMEL TYPE
(S-standard, P-Polar)
staA S or P 3 SUN, 3 SKY
staB S or P 3 SUN, 3 SKY, 4 ALM, BLACK
staC S 3 SUN, 3 SKY, 4 ALM, 4 PP, BLACK
staC P 3 SUN, 3 SKY, 4 ALM, 4 PP, PPP, BLACK
staD S or P 3 SUN
staE S 3 SUN, 4 PP
staE P 3 SUN, 4 PP, PPP
staF S 3 SUN, 4 ALM, 4 PP, BLACK
staF P 3 SUN, 4 ALM, 4 PP, PPP, BLACK
Abnormal Condition Status CONDITION
stab S or P Robot error
star S or P Reset error
stah S or P Humidity sensor activated*
stas S or P Filter wheel error

* The activation of Humidity sensor does not mean that there is problem with the instrument. It usually only means that the normal auto operation is interrupted due to wet condition, and is to be resumed after the wet sensor gets dry again.

Misc. When two statuses occur with no data between them, e.g., STA STA, the filter wheel is not working properly.