Intercalibration Database Legend

Column Header Description
Inst. Instrument Number
Owner Owner of the instrument

Type of Instrument *

Date Date the instrument was received
Sky1 The first sphere/sky calibration **
PolSky1 The first polarization sphere/sky calibration **
Sun1 The first solar calibration **
Clean Shows whether the Cimel windows are cleaned **
Sky2 The second sphere/sky calibration **
PolSky2 The second polarization sphere/sky calibration **
Sun2 The second solar calibration **
QALev2 Level 2 Quality Assurance **
PrePostSky Shows if pre- and post-calibration have been applied **
Maint Shows whether the instrument needs maintenance **
FieldReady The instrument is ready for deployment **
Shipped Shows if the instrument has been shipped **
Comments Shows the comments regarding the shipment of the instrument

* See Table 1 below.

** See Table 2 below.


Abbreviation Definition
Standard Standard Cimel
Std Master Standard Master Cimel
Polar Polarized Cimel
Polar Master Polarized Master Cimel
Std SWIR Standard Short Wave IR Cimel
SWIR Master Short Wave IR Master Cimel
SeaPrism SeaPrism Instrument



Abbreviation Definition
Red Block or W Action Required
X Task Complete
White Block or Blank No action has been taken


Last Updated: 7 October 2003